Help Us Raise $2,000 — Gifts Will Be Matched!

Help Us Raise $2,000 — Gifts Will Be Matched!

The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse is raising funds to improve the experience of shopping at PCCR. Our goal is to raise $2,000 by the end of April to improve our point-of-sale (POS) system.

*NEW* An anonymous donor has offered to match all contributions made before the end of April up to $1,000!

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What is point of sale (POS)?
It used to be a simple cash register – now POS systems incorporate price scanning, credit card payments, check processing, gift certificates, and interlinked inventory, to allow you to pay for what you want, any way you want.

Why does PCCR need to upgrade its POS system?
Because all the items at PCCR are so unique (and can be so difficult to price), our staff spends a lot of their time at the cash register. An improved POS system would allow PCCR to serve you more quickly and accurately, freeing staff to work more directly with customers, process donations, and find awesome new stuff to put out for sale.

What does my contribution do?
PCCR relies on donations to keep the organization running. (You already knew this). But you may not know that most of the equipment and tools PCCR uses are also donated, including our cash registers and computers. Now, we need a new kind of donation to help us serve you better as we grow. Please visit our website to make a contribution in whatever amount is meaningful to you.

How much has PCCR grown over the last year?
Since 2011, PCCR has doubled our staff in order to meet public demand for our programs and services. Last year, we received over $50,000 in donated materials, diverted approximately 12 tons of waste from landfills, and provided dozens of creative reuse programs for organizations ranging from the Penn Hills Library to the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

Additional financial support is needed to provide our staff with the up-to-date tools that will help them be most effective. In turn, they can devote more time to working with you, our customers and donors, to make your creative reuse ideas a reality.

Please consider making a contribution today.

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More About PCCR
PCCR promotes resource conservation, creativity, and community engagement through material reuse. It does this by taking donations of reusable materials, selling them in its shop, and providing creative education programs in-house as well as at community events. PCCR fills a niche by taking many materials that other outlets do not, by providing a unique and environmentally-conscious resource for creative projects, and by encouraging open-ended, creative thinking.

As PCCR moves ahead, more and more reusable materials will be diverted from the waste stream and creatively reused. Our community will learn how to live more sustainably and how to think more creatively. We look forward to working with you to achieve this vision and improve the Pittsburgh region’s quality of life. We hope that you will join us on this journey.

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