PCCR at Three Rivers Arts Festival!

PCCR at Three Rivers Arts Festival!

We’ve been proud to be part of the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival every year since 2008.  We had a wonderful time this year, and we’re grateful to everyone who volunteered, taught, and visited our tent.

We especially appreciated the artists who demonstrated their skills and helped our visitors make beautiful, imaginative, and practical items with reclaimed materials.  Visit their websites to see their work!

Monday, June 10th 12-3 pm
Enameling on Found Metal

Sarah Lochtest, Society for Contemporary Craft

  • Enameling, a process that fuses glass to metal in a kiln, is a versatile medium that can give color and value to reclaimed metal scraps and objects.  Using stencils and layering techniques visitors will create an enameled pendant or keychain to keep as a TRAF and PCCR souvenir.


Monday, June 10th 3-6 pm
Fiber Fanatic

Susan Swarthout and  Suzi Fortunato

  • Learn to make jewelry from your old t-shirts and scrap fabrics with PCCR Teaching Artists Susan Swarthout and Suzi Fortunato. Don’t throw them away when you can create unique bracelets, hair bands, and even necklaces to go with any outfit.


Tuesday, June 11th 12-3 pm
Miniature Marvels!

Sheila Ali, Director, The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination

  • Make miniature dioramas, furnishings, books, animals and even a mini-car!  Using beautiful reclaimed materials, create tiny environments where small people and animals can live and play.


Tuesday, June 11th 3-6 pm
You’re the Greatest!

Paula Levin, Literary Arts Boom (the LAB)

  • Congratulations!   Here’s your chance to construct the trophies you deserve with The Experimentalist from The LAB.  Construct and create your own trophies then write your acceptance speech!!  Everyone is a winner.


Wednesday, June 12th 12-3 pm
Ephemera Extravaganza

Katy DeMent, Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

  •  PCCR’s Teaching Artist  Katy DeMent (aka The Paper Lady) will lead the way to constructing rolled paper beads and then beaded jewelry utilizing PCCR’s amazing ephemera collection.  Jewelry not your thing? No problem! We have loads of old papers for origami, book making and any other paper-related art you might dream up!


Wednesday, June 12th   3-6 pm
Make Some Noise!

Bobbi Williams

  • Reclaimed materials become musical instruments, rhythm, rain stick, didgeridoo ,  How about a a rubber-band band?  Limited only by your imagination and guided by PCCR’s own D.J. Bobbi Williams.  YOU will ROCK with repurposed style


Thursday, June 13th 12-3 pm
Bird Friends

Kirsten Ervin, M.Ed., Art Instructor & Consultant Art & Abilities

  • Using the very materials that threaten our bird friends, create bird sculptures with PCCR’s reclaimed materials, and learn more about helping the environment.  


Thursday, June 13th 3-6 pm
Empowerment through Creativity

Gerry Florida

  • Gerry Florida is an award-winning assemblage jewelry artist and a professional “imperfectionist.” Her work carries subliminal themes of rebirth, recovery and reclamation through the array of salvaged and recycled materials she employs in work and instruction style. Gerry introduces her philosophies symbolically through art, helping students to mobilize ideas, personal experiences and material resources.


Friday, June 14th 12-3 pm

Amber Coppings, owner of Xmittens

  • Join textile artist and fashion designer Amber Coppings as she guides you through simple hand-stitching techniques that will help you sew multi-layer appliqué designs on and with scraps of fabric. You will be able to use fluffy fabrics from her Xmittens line, hand-dyed scraps and other fun and sumptuous fabrics, too!


Friday, June 14th 3-6 pm
Bling Blam Costume Couture

Bobbi Williams

  • Friday night! Time to look sharp! It’s a great day to create costumes from reclaimed material and accessories from recycled objects.  Hand sewing and alternative ways of attachment will be explored!

Can’t make it down to the festival?  Come see us 6 days a week, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm at our shop.  We’re in the same building as Construction Junction, 214 N. Lexington Street, Pittsburgh, PA.


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