Creative Reuse ART SALE!

Creative Reuse ART SALE!

You’ve got bare walls. Or maybe you’ve got walls that are painted an unflattering color, or perhaps they have weird holes in them that you don’t know how to fix. Perhaps you’ve just moved, and the house is eerily unfamiliar, or perhaps you’ve been in the same house for too long and it is eerily familiar. You probably don’t want to go out to a chain store and buy $50 worth of mass-produced “artwork” to fix your problems.

We hear you.

We’ve got posters, art prints, and original artwork, not to mention huge, bizarre vinyl signs of Hannah Montana’s face and 4×6 foot awkward 1980’s promotional photographs mounted on really thick, awkward foamcore. We’ve got art made by kids, vintage prints, landscape paintings, self-portrait drawings, very strange sculpture, beautiful watercolors, visionary collage, sweet photographs, and other inspired creations one might call “art.”

Basically, we’ve got what you need. Let’s make a deal!

You come to our art sale. You check out the graphic oddities that we will generally refer to as “art.” You fill a bag with posters and vinyl signs for $5, and take 50% off any art prints or original art that strike your artistic fancy. You go home really happy, and probably put your new-found art up on your walls immediately. You invite people over, they are totally impressed by your wildly aesthetic prowess, and you become the talk of the town. People ask where you got

your incredible artwork, and you tell them. Then WE become the talk of the town, too. The two of us, we get real popular!
We also get a little more space in our shop to put out new things, and some of your dollar bills.
Everyone is happy, especially your no-longer-neglected artwork that hasn’t felt truly loved in many years.

So, we’ll see you there?

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