Creative Reuse Gift Certificate Sale!

Creative Reuse Gift Certificate Sale!

It’s hard to shop for people sometimes… and it’s kind of goofy to just buy your favorite people random things, stuffs, and whatnots for the holidays… (what if they don’t want that thing? what if they already have that thing? what if you don’t really know what they like?)

Wouldn’t you rather spend your coins on inciting their endless stream of creativity throughout the holidays and the rest of the year?

Enter the mighty CREATIVE REUSE GIFT CERTIFICATE! It makes all of your favorite people’s wildest, crafty dreams come true.

You don’t have to know whether they prefer gold glitter or blue glitter, rubber stamps of kittens or foam stamps of donkeys, paintings of feathered hair women from the 1980’s or paintings of feathered haired men playing cards from the 1880’s…. yes, folks, the CREATIVE REUSE GIFT CERTIFICATE takes the guesswork out of the mentally strenuous holidays.

Buy one that’s $10 or more from now until December 23rd and get 20% off the rest of your order. Give a little, get a little. It all makes good cents! (get it??)

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