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ash andrews

Ash Andrews, Executive Director

she, her, hers, or they, them, theirs (Please use Mx. for Ash’s title)

Ash began volunteering with Creative Reuse in 2010 and was hired as one of the first paid staffers soon after. An administrator, an artist, a poet, and a dreamer, Ash has a keen interest in humanity’s potential to transform negative situations into positive ones. Ash believes that reuse might just save the world.


Hannah Sauder, Administrative Coordinator
they, them, theirs

Hannah Sauder cares deeply about creative arts education, environmental sustainability, and collaborative learning. They studied communication, international studies, and graphic design at Goshen College. Their art-making process is focused on expressing an appreciation for the complexity of queerness. Explore their art on Behance.

Creative Education:

Melissa Rogers, Creative Education Manager
she, her, hers

Melissa is a craft activist and arts educator who loves butterflies, owls, succulents, and dirt. She stepped into the position of Creative Education Manager in 2019 after serving as a Shop Assistant, Teaching Artist, and the Creative Education Specialist at Creative Reuse. She earned her PhD in Women’s Studies in 2017 from the University of Maryland, College Park. Her dissertation explored the relationships between craft, knowledge, queer and trans feminist art, and contemporary maker movements. When she’s not hanging out with plants she’s stitching, making zines, practicing astrology, and rescuing treasure from the side of the road. You can find some of her projects using reclaimed materials at Hyperrhiz and Thresholds.

Avery Finch, Creative Education Assistant
she, her, hers

Avery joined the Creative Reuse team as Creative Education Assistant in the summer of 2019. Previously she worked for five years as an elementary school teacher in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Both in and out of the classroom, Avery loves hands-on learning and creative play, and has previously designed curricula around sustainability and urban gardening. When she’s not at Creative Reuse, Avery loves walking through Frick Park, needlepointing, and wrasslin’ with her zoomy cat Tuna.

Shop and Materials:

Daniel Shapiro copyDaniel Shapiro, Materials Coordinator
he, him, his

Daniel started with Creative Reuse in 2012 as a volunteer on a committee for a party that never occurred, then started volunteering in the shop before working as a Shop Assistant. Daniel has an MFA and has worked for the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Phillips Collection, and other art organizations. Contrary to popular belief, Daniel has never been a cowboy, but daydreams of having a farm with rescued animals that he tends to with his trusty cat Zeebo at his side. Currently his art making focuses on found object assemblages, which can be viewed on his website,, or in local shops around Pittsburgh.

Cammie Brady, Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant Shop Manager
she, her, hers

Cammie’s relationship with Creative Reuse started in 2012 when she became a volunteer, then later an intern, and then, even later, a shop assistant…and beyond! Cammie is a self-taught painter, cartoonist, and assemblage artist. She is also an animal parent, and has done volunteer work with shelter cats. When not at work, Cammie can be found gluing small jewels onto things (accompanied by frustrated mumbling), playing guitar (badly), and eating vegan pizza.

Charlie Rayshich, Shop Assistant
they, them, theirs

Charlie joined the Creative Reuse team in 2019 as a Shop Assistant. As a lifelong Pittsburgh resident growing up in the ashes of the mills, they’ve always been fascinated by the lost stories of discarded items, and have a passion for breathing life into these stories as a writer. They can most often be found rummaging around behind the Donation Desk and remarking on all the strange and wonderful things they find.

Eli Goodfriend, Shop Assistant
he, him, his

Eli started volunteering at Creative Reuse, before being hired as a Shop Assistant in 2019. Raised by a team of dumpster divers, he has a hereditary obsession with reuse. Eli’s favorite shop area is the paper section, where he can often be found looking for materials for his next pervasive game.

Emma Vescio, Shop Assistant
she, her, hers or they, them, theirs

Emma started with Creative Reuse in 2019 as a Shop Assistant, and now works as a Teaching Artist as well. She majored in Art History at the University of Pittsburgh, and has had the opportunity to work throughout Pittsburgh as a curator, writer, and educator. Emma enjoys reading theory and poetry, embroidering different works, and dancing on the weekends with friends.

sfSuzi Fortunato, Shop Assistant
she, her, hers

Suzi started working at Creative Reuse in 2013. Her favorite part of the shop is the fabric section, where you can frequently find her making improvements and reorganizing. A life-long fiber artist and reuser, her sewn creations range from jeans pocket pot holders to knitted shawls.

Vivienne Shao, Shop Assistant
she, her, hers

Vivienne started with Creative Reuse in 2016 as an intern, before later being hired as a Shop Assistant. She majored in Visual Studies and Ecological Planning and Design at Temple University. Vivienne is currently obsessed with yarn. She spins, weaves, crochets, and does anything yarn-related. 

Xiola Jensen, Shop Assistant
she, her, hers

Xiola started as a work-study student at Creative Reuse in 2017, and was officially hired as a Shop Assistant following her graduation in April 2019. An alumna of Chatham University, Xiola has a degree in graphic design and focuses primarily on digital illustration, but her passion for traditional art runs deep as well. Her most recent projects involve painting on thrifted items, such as purses and notebooks, to turn them into unique and custom works of art. Check out her website at

Board of Directors

Creative Reuse also has a dedicated, creative, and engaged Board of Directors:

Adam Nye, President
Winchester Thurston

Brian Savolskis, Vice President
Highmark Health

Sarah Simkin, Treasurer
Lichfield Cavo, LLP

Rick Soria, Secretary
Soria and Associates, Inc.

Ash Andrews, Executive Director
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

Wendy Burtner-Owens
Steeltown Entertainment

Peter Humphrey
MacLachlan, Cornelius, & Filoni

Golan Levin
Carnegie Mellon University

Alexis McConville
Duquesne University

Dana Richardson
Tibbott & Richardson, PC

Lynn Helbling Sirinek
Community Volunteer

Donna Beer Stolz
University of Pittsburgh

Michelle Wion Chitty
Winchester Thurston School

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