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group events

We offer a wide range of hands-on creative programming for participants of all ages. After you know how many expected participants you will have at your event, festival, or class, please fill out the program request form. This form will provide us with the information we need to check our availability, determine how we will best serve your needs, and to provide you with information regarding program costs. It is best to request your program more than 4 weeks in advance.

Our two group event options are determined based on the number of participants. We offer the Reuse-a-Palooza program for large groups, fairs, festivals and other public events. Our ReMaker Playshops are better suited for small groups and classrooms. 

For all other programming inquiries, please contact us at

2 hour minimum for programs that are outside a 15-mile radius. Rush hour fees are applied at our discretion.

Before booking, please review our cancellation policy.

Information about our two group format options:

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Customize the Reuse-A-Palooza to your favorite theme!
  • Environmental Crafts
  • Back to School or School Spirit
  • Seasonal Activities
  • Superheroes
  • Musical Instruments
  • Wearables
  • Animals 

This program is ideal for fairs, festivals, and public events. It is an exploratory art activity where participants of all ages are invited to create with a large array of playful, reclaimed materials. Participants exercise their creative muscles and learn, hands-on, about reuse. The possibilities for end products during a Reuse-a-Palooza are nearly endless! Materials are set up buffet-style and each participant collects the materials they wish to use. Each work table has a kit of essential tools for making. Teaching artists provide examples, inspiration & encouragement, and assist with material selection and assembly on an as-needed basis.

ReMaker Playshops

Our ReMaker Playshops are workshops concentrated on learning new skills and creating with Reclaimed materials. Our Teaching Artists introduce a discipline (such as book-making or jewelry design), demonstrate techniques and bring an assortment of fun, engaging tools and materials. Our workshops address Arts, STEAM, Environment and Ecology standards. There are options for further customizing each Playshop, such as Food-focused Book-Making or Techie Jewelry.

If you have an idea for a workshop that you don’t see listed here, our Teaching Artists can work with you to design a learning experience that fits your groups’ needs and learning objectives.

The usual material for birdhouses is wood. But how do we create a birdhouse from other materials? How about materials we don’t need anymore, such as CD Jewel Cases, VHS tapes and floppy disks? Our Birdhouse Workshop is all about constructing bird abodes out of obsolete media. We learn about birds’ natural preferences and threats to their habitats. Then we learn about how to take apart old media and which parts are good to reuse. Participants learn simple construction techniques to make sturdy, reuse-y homes.

Our Book-making workshop involves learning several methods of bookbinding (such as stick-bound, pamphlet, accordion and Japanese stab-binding). Book-making also involves some math, such as measurement, fractions, geometry and graph theory. Participants will make books from a variety of fun reclaimed materials, such as pages made from graph paper or covers made from wallpaper. Books are great blank canvases for many learning outcomes, such as making cookbooks as part of a food unit, or students writing their own stories to be shared in the classroom library. There is so much to explore when making books!

Our Dioramas workshop is all about creating miniature worlds with reclaimed materials! Making dioramas involves learning building techniques, thinking about scale, and exploring themes. These themes can range from creating animal habitats, practicing interior design, curating a miniature art museum, or planning an earth-friendly empty lot. This workshop produces a lot of creativity and imagination!

Our Empty Lots Playshop is inspired by our work with the Climate and Urban Systems Partnership. Climate Change is a pressing topic and we want to spread the message about local solutions. In this Playshop we learn about vacant lots and how they can be transformed into community green spaces. We introduce green infrastructure that can benefit our city, such as rain gardens, green roofs, living walls and rain barrels. After envisioning a transformed empty lot, participants get busy creating a model-size empty lot out of our awesome, tactile materials.

Our instrument making workshop teaches basic construction skills and gives participants the chance to explore the science of sound. Learn proper tool etiquette while working with wood, metal, plastic, and other reclaimed materials to create a one of a kind sound. Participants will explore the different elements that make percussion, wind and string instruments and create one that fits into a category, or combine components to invent their very own instrument! 

Our Jewelry workshops are geared towards making unique jewelry and wearables from reclaimed materials. This workshop involves learning about jewelry design, construction, tools, and findings. Along with traditional jewelry findings, we bring reclaimed materials that can be turned into “alterna-beads.” There are variations on this workshop, including remixing costume jewelry in our “ReJewel” program. We also offer a “Techie Wearables” program that involves making jewelry out of computer parts.

We bring some of our funnest and wackiest materials to our Marble Run Playshop! The goal is to move your marble from Point A to Point B by building a track out of tubes, foam, funnels, gizmos and all manner of thingamajigs. The result is a Rolling Ball Sculpture, a piece of kinetic art! In this workshop we introduce Physical Science topics such as energy, gravity, friction and simple machines. This makes for a great collaborative activity that involves lots of tinkering and problem-solving.

Our Sewing playshop is all about exploring projects that can be made with reclaimed fabric, needle and thread. We teach participants hand-sewing basics (if needed), various stitches (running, whip, buttonhole) and project construction. Sewing workshops can be refined into different themes, such as: “Sew, Mend, Make,” an intro to hand stitching; or “Pouches, Pockets and Patches,” which is all about constructing bags and adding embellishments. We also love to sew pillows, softies, accessories and costumes!

Participants will explore trophy-making as an art form. They will use parts from disassembled trophies and other fun materials to make a Reclaimed trophy. They will learn about sculpture, reuse and nuts-and-bolts making. The end result will be a trophy that celebrates their own individuality, or a gift for someone special!

This Playshop is a celebration of all the things you can make with yarn, one of our favorite materials. We talk a bit about the fascinating history of spinning yarn and show you how you can make looms out of lots of reclaimed objects! One of the looms is one you can make out of an old picture frame. Another favorite yarn craft is making pom-poms. We’ll test out the different techniques for making pom-poms. The result will be projects to wear, display or both!

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