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This program is ideal for fairs, festivals, and public events. It is an exploratory art activity where participants of all ages are invited to create with a large array of playful, reclaimed materials. Participants exercise their creative muscles and learn, hands-on, about reuse. The possibilities for end products during a Reuse-a-Palooza are nearly endless! Materials are set up buffet-style and each participant collects the materials they wish to use. Each work table has a kit of essential tools for making. Teaching artists provide examples, inspiration & encouragement, and assist with material selection and assembly on an as-needed basis.

Customize the Reuse-A-Palooza to your favorite theme!

Environmental – Back to School – School Spirit – Seasonal – Superheroes – Musical Instruments – Wearables – Animals

More questions? Interested in hosting a Reuse-a-Palooza? 

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