Reclaim! is a biannual event hosted by Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse since 2015. With the help of our returning sponsor, Pfaffmann + Associates, we have been able to host over 500 participants and reach our goal of diverting just over 10,000 pounds of usable materials through this event.

Expired design samples often get thrown into the landfill when they go out of style – but they have plenty of creative life left in them! Through our Reclaim! event we collect and process thousands of pounds of samples from local designers and architects, and add in an assortment of other surplus materials like trophy parts, paper, office supplies, odds and ends, and media. Then, we open the warehouse door, and invite the public to take as much as they want for a $5 minimum donation per person. This bi-annual event is great for artists, crafters, educators, and DIY aficionados, but everyone is welcome to participate. Our unique and quirky retail shop will also be open during the event, and we hope that creative people who haven’t yet visited will take the opportunity to explore it.

The next Reclaim! event will be in May 2017. Check back in February 2017 to find out the details. You can also find out event details on our Facebook page here.

If you are an architect or designer interested in donating materials, please contact Barbara Moore ( to make an appointment, or to find out about sponsorship opportunities for our next event in May 2017.