Idea Center

The items on this page were made by members of our community. Find more inspiration on our Pinterest boards.

trophy sculpture
Create a colorful sculpture with repurposed trophies!
denim jacket assemblage
Rework your favorite denim vest or jacket with fabric and ribbon!
Create an origami shape using wallpaper samples!
Use unused, surplus medical supplies and stickers to create your own bug!
paper mache skull
Create paper mache sculptures using plastic objects.
vintage collage
Design your own diorama with vintage ephemera.
Create a patchwork apron using fabric samples!
Use felt to redesign a brooch and display card!
Transform trophies by accessorizing with colorful materials!
Write a book using cardboard and cardstock with a simple stitch binding.
Organize your tiny objects with a plastic tube collection!
paper wreath
Design a colorful paper wreath!
Transform your sun prints with scrapbooking paper scraps!
Create a customized key holder with old keys!
Design your own art journal with ephemera and stickers!
Create fabulous chunky jewelry using our collection of giant beads!
Design unique paper jewelry using paper clips and fancy paper scraps!
Use yarn to design a warm necklace!
Use wire and old toys to design a unique fidget necklace!
Design playful earrings using old game pieces!
Use your floral arranging skills to design button flowers!
Create a fabric scrap wreath that can showcases your creativity!
Enhance your seasonal decor with our selection of vintage decorations!
Test out your origami skills using old sheet music and scrapbooking paper to enhance your holiday gifts!
Use our selection of boxes and drawers to design your own altar, shrine, or ofrenda!
Customize your holiday cards with old maps, scrap paper, and stickers!
Enhance your classroom or dorm with these design sample pennant banner!
Share some warmth this winter with tiny mitten ornaments!
Shine bright like the Rainbow Fish with this repurposed CD fish!
Create your own gift bags using old books, music sheets, and magazines!
Design your own wallet using fabric design samples!
Create your own inspiration book using trinkets, magazines, and ephemera!
Make a fabric catchall to store office supplies!
Design a cork candle holder for your holiday celebrations!
Use our selection of frames to hold your vintage art or your favorite photos!
Write your own funny cards to send a good joke to a friend!
Design your own pot holders to personalize your kitchen!
Keep the mud and snow out of your house with a DIY bottle cap shoe scraper!
Customize your own wreath using our collection of tiny toys!
Design your own bulletin board using old maps and foam core!
Create your own tote bag using fabric scraps and zippers!
Design your own plushie and practice your hand-sewing skills!
Create your own colorful flower bouquet using fabric scraps!
Create your own superhero cuff bracelet made from scraps of canvas and doll arm crayons made from melted crayons!
Design your own robot with our wood and tile scraps!
Create a miniature diorama using our collection of boxes!
Make fun animals and creatures from plastic utensils and buttons!
Design your own coasters by collaging on tiles, CDs, and records!
Use fabric scraps to create pinecones and acorns!
Create beautiful flowers using strips of colorful paper and magazines!
Create playful puppets with our collection of toy and doll parts!
Design your own mini architectural creations with foam core, wood scraps, and our doll furniture collection!
Design your own handmade cards with our collection of patterned paper and stickers!
Customize your gift wrap with our collection of wallpaper and other vintage paper products!