Artist in Residence

Creative Reuse is a vital resource for Pittsburgh’s art community. Artwork incorporating materials provided by Creative Reuse has been featured in the Pittsburgh Biennial, Emerging Artist of the Year exhibitions, installations commissioned for the Three Rivers Arts Festival, and many, many gallery shows throughout the Pittsburgh region. Our Artist in Residence program brings one Pittsburgh-based artist into the organization’s unique center to present their work and connect with community members who might never visit a gallery or museum.

Creative Reuse is a space for creativity – a place where every purchase fuels creation, exploration, learning, expression, sharing, and giving. Visitors to our center often spend hours looking, thinking, and talking with other visitors and the artists on our staff. By bringing working artists into our space, we provide opportunities for reflection and conversation that spark new creative work and expand audiences for local contemporary art.

Our 2019 Gallery: Emily Sciulli 

Emily Sciulli is a sculptor and installation artist who lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She creates artwork from reclaimed materials with a special focus on paper and other paper-based materials such as corrugated cardboard. Emily first came to sculpture through extensive experimentation and a curiosity about a range of materials. Her work transforms paper from its traditional form by using a variety of techniques including meticulous cutting and arranging, creating paper pulp to make three-dimensional forms and utilizing basic bookbinding techniques to construct her sculptures. 

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