At Creative Reuse, we collect unwanted materials and transform them into fuel for art, education, and innovation. We strive to increase the capacity of our region’s schools, individual artists, and arts organizations by providing unique, affordable materials for creative and educational projects.

ReCreative Partners Program

Our ReCreative Partners Program is one way we foster reuse and get materials into the hands of artists and educators more affordably. The ReCreative Partners Program offers a wealth of benefits to organizations like libraries, nonprofits, schools, early childhood education centers, and arts organizations.

Benefits of the Program may include:

  • discount on Bulk bags: take advantage of our fill-a-bag section of the Shop where you can stuff a $3, $6, $9, or $20 bag with office supplies, magazines, ceramic and carpet samples, ribbon, stickers, and all sorts of unique materials
  • discount on all individually-priced items: that’s everything outside of the Bulk section!
  • direct billing: select members of your organization can choose to have their material purchases invoiced quarterly
  • collect-and-hold service: tell us what you need for an upcoming project and we’ll set aside materials (if we have them or as they come in) and hold them for you
  • material giveaways: occasionally we’ll offer items we have in bulk amounts – like binders, design samples, or fabric – for free!
  • monthly e-newsletter and invitations to special education events
  • recognition on our website as a Creative Reuse supporter

Pick which tier fits your organization’s materials needs!

ReCreative Partners tiers

If you have any questions about the ReCreative Partners program, please email

If you’re ready to become a Partner, please complete the short application and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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Our current ReCreative Partners are: