Creative Resources

Creative Resources

Feelin’ crafty? Need some inspiration? Lucky for you, we’ve put together a variety of nifty video tutorials, crafty how-to instructions, and a gallery of projects for your enjoyment! 

Video tutorials

Step up your quarantine looks with some handmade earrings! All you need are some stickers, scissors, and a little inspiration from your recycling bin. You could even modify existing earrings or dismantle them for useful parts.

Video by writer and maker Hannah Frank. Learn more about Hannah here or on Instagram at @hanfran195.

Do you have a well-loved greeting card that you just can’t part with? Turn it into a book so you can enjoy its fun imagery and heartfelt messages every day! 

Video by Wilkinsburg-based teaching artist Lisa Simon. Learn more about Lisa here!

Learn how to turn scrap paper, flour, water and a sprinkle of salt into a super fun & satisfying reusable paper-clay! Sculpt your own blobby buddies with your paper-clay or just have fun playing with your new squishy substance. Let dry to paint and decorate or put in the fridge for another day of creating!

Video by visual artist and arts educator Juliet Phillips. Learn more about Juliet here or on Instagram at

You can use any found art supplies or materials from your craft drawer or recycling bin to make room models. It’s easiest to start with a small box as a base and go from there. Recreate a room in your house, make a dream room, a world from a favorite show or story, or something completely made up.

Video by freelance theater scenic design and teaching artist Sasha Schwartz. Learn more about Sasha here or on Instagram at @salsaschwartz.

A fab(ric) solution for boring walls! This is a simple and effective way to transform any space that needs sprucing up!

Video by Eli Goodfriend. Learn more about Eli here!

In this video, Xiola makes use of her notebook obsession by turning one into a custom wok of art. She encourages people to find unique ways to repurpose items before donating them or throwing them away! 

Video by Creative Reuse staffer and freelance illustrator Xiola Jensen. Learn more about Xiola on Instagram at @xiolathefairy.

Crafty instructions

Here are some step-by-step creative reuse project ideas for you to try. All the materials needed for these projects are likely already somewhere in your house, and if not, check our online store, or stop into our shop to get the materials you need!

Idea center

How about some visual inspiration?

Peruse our Idea Center to spark that imagination!

denim jacket assemblage
Rework your favorite denim vest or jacket with fabric and ribbon!
trophy sculpture
Create a colorful sculpture with repurposed trophies
Create an origami shape using wallpaper samples
Use unused, surplus medical supplies and stickers to create your own bug
Create a patchwork apron using fabric samples
Transform trophies by accessorizing with colorful materials!
Design a book using cardboard and cardstock with a simple stitch binding
Customize your holiday cards with old maps, scrap paper, and stickers
Design your own art journal with ephemera and stickers
Customize your gift wrap with our collection of wallpaper and other vintage paper products
paper wreath
Design a colorful paper wreath
Create a customized key holder with old keys!
Test out your origami skills using old sheet music and scrapbooking paper to enhance your holiday gifts
Use yarn to design a warm necklace
VHS tapes toilet paper holder
Construct a TP holder from VHS tapes and a dowel
VHS book display
Fashion a desktop book shelf out of home movies
VHS tapes box shelf
Build a shadowbox shelf from old media
Design your own wallet using fabric design samples
Create your own inspiration book using trinkets, magazines, and ephemera!
Enhance your classroom or dorm with a design sample pennant banner
Share some warmth this winter with tiny mitten ornaments
Shine bright like the Rainbow Fish with this repurposed CD fish
Create your own gift bags using old books, music sheets, and magazines
Design playful earrings using old game pieces
Use our selection of boxes and drawers to design your own altar, shrine, or ofrenda
Make a fabric catchall to store office supplies
Design a cork candle holder for your holiday celebrations
Design your own coasters by collaging on tiles, CDs, and records
Write your own funny cards to send a good joke to a friend
Design your own bulletin board using old maps and foam core
Create your own tote bag using fabric scraps and zippers
Design your own plushie and practice your hand-sewing skills!
Create your own colorful flower bouquet using fabric scraps
Create your own superhero cuff bracelet made from scraps of canvas and doll arm crayons made from melted crayons
Design your own robot with our wood and tile scraps
Use ribbon scraps to create pinecones and acorns
Create beautiful flowers using strips of colorful paper and magazines
Create playful puppets with our collection of, well, everything!
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