Virtual & In-Person Learning

Virtual and in-person learning

Virtual Learning Workshops

Workshop participants seen in a Zoom grid.We offer workshops via Zoom, where each participant gets a kit of materials, and we work together to create something amazing! You can pick from a list of pre-planned projects, or we can brainstorm to create a custom experience, so dream big! Click here for a look at the sorts of kits we offer and a sample of a virtual learning workshop.

In-Person Workshops

An overhead look at various creative reuse materials arranged by color.We offer in-person workshops! We bring an array of materials and either do a facilitated project or free-form making. We can customize any experience to fit your vision.

Field Trips

We can facilitate groups of up to 20 people before the shop opens (11 AM). These visits consist of a tour of our facility, information on who we are, what we do, and how we do it! You can also add on a shopping portion of the field trip where participants can shop for unique treasures.

Made Just for You

A project made of mixed reused materials.We can create a totally customized creative experience for you! Combine and remix our other offerings, or come up with something completely new! We are a creative bunch (if you couldn’t tell), so we’re always willing to brainstorm with you to create the perfect crafty experience.

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