Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse is a non-profit that inspires creativity, conservation, and community engagement through reuse.

We operate a non-traditional art supply shop located at the intersection of Wilkinsburg, Homewood, and Point Breeze, where people can donate used art and craft supplies, as well as shop for these unique items all in the same location. We also facilitate hands-on creative programming that educates the public about the benefits of reuse for the environment, community, and self. We see reuse as a vehicle for boosting self-confidence, learning new skills, and creating opportunity for all.

Donation Policy: 

Thanks for choosing reuse! We’re excited to get your donation into the creative hands in our community. Please check our Donation Guide here for acceptable materials before you continue.

Just one box?

We’re happy to accept a single box of donations from you any day of the week between 10:30 AM-6:30 PM. Please be aware that we cannot accommodate walk-in donations of more than one box. Please do not leave donations outside our door. Unfortunately, any materials left outside must be thrown away.

More than one box?

If you have more than one box of donations, we can easily schedule an appointment with you so we can prepare for your donation. The best way to make an appointment is to fill out the form here or give us a call at 412.473.0100.

For more information on how to donate materials to Creative Reuse, please go to our Materials Donation page here.

Our Policy:

No sexism. No racism. No ableism. No homophobia. No transphobia. No hate. We believe that everyone deserves to be supported, respected, and safe.


You can now buy Creative Reuse gift cards online! Buy and send them instantly. Buy some here!

We’re now open from 10 AM – 7 PM. That’s two more hours of treasure hunting every day!

Upcoming Events:

Creative Conundrum Lab: July

Join our Tess Senay Eco-Art Prize winner Maria Mangano for an extra special butterfly themed program!

When: Saturday, July 13
11:00-1:00 PM
Where: Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

Support for this program is generously provided by the Tess Senay Raynovich Art and Earth Fund in partnership with Creative Reuse for the Tess Senay Eco- Art Prize: a Juried Exhibition project. We are so grateful for this beautiful partnership!

Birdhouses at Green Tree Public Library

When: Wednesday, July 24
7:00-8:00 PM
Where: Green Tree Public Library

Reuse-a-Palooza at Penn Hills Library

When: Saturday, July 27
12:00-1:00 PM
Where: Penn Hills Library